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Welcome to the Downers Grove Outlaws 13u for 2013 / 2014 that offers a difference in coaching, training and play. Where the players come first and long term focus is the driving goal. We're building something the sport desperately needs - quality and breadth of skills with leadership and a family understanding.

Hi folks... there will not be a 14u Outlaw team for 2014/2015.

Ohio Buckeye recruitfest - July 2014
A big thank you to the coaches, players and families who welcomed our girls on to their teams for the event. All meet new friends, played great and finished strong! An opportunity for all who wanted it.
Caroline Caesar - Nitro from PA, Lexi Gregule - Sabotage from IN, Paige Ligocki - Grand River Styx from Ohio

Ohio Buckeye recruitfest - Allstars
Congratulations on Paige Ligocki making the Allstar team as the starting catcher. With 2 put outs and batting a single and double. She was the youngest at 13 while the oldest was 17. Team won 9-3. Fantastic job! ( top row, 2nd from left )

14u ASA Qualifying Champions
What a great memorial weekend in Lisle. Great weather, games and a nice reward in a championship.
Top Row From Left; Crystal, Lexi, Paige, Caroline, Karly, Randi
Bottom From Left; Sami, Lauren, Kennedy, Sydney, Charli

14u USSSA National Qualifying Champions!
Breaking down the walls! The girls played all day into the night to finish early the next morning with no rest to take on some tough and old 14u Indiana teams ending at 2 am in international tie breaker. There was no doubt this was a team effort of the very tough 9 earning a national bid for USSSA. Each player contributing, working together and having a blast!
Top Row From Left; Charli, Lexi, Paige, Caroline, Crystal
Bottom From Left; Randi, Sydney, Kennedy, Sami

When you practice hard you have opportunities. Some of the team at the NIU camp. From left; Lexi, Paige, Caroline, Lauren

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